Bao Viet wallpaper company in Ho Chi Minh City & Bao Viet wallpaper company in Ho Chi Minh specialize in distributing & constructing products of wallpaper , 3d wallpaper, glass stickers, wall paintings , 3D wall paintings , glass stickers high class . We aim to bring our customers the best products and services. Construction and finishing products for you in Ho Chi Minh City. Ship goods nationwide and Vietnam.

In today's home decoration needs, products in the home decor section such as wallpaper, wall paintings, decal stickers, glass stickers etc. Very handy and popular everywhere, due to fast construction time in just one day is complete and beautiful. Colorful patterns and designs.
You like any model, any color is available. Whether you need to stick on the wall or on the glass, the material is diverse and if not you can order wallpaper or print decal quickly, within 24 hours you have product that you desire. Please visit our company to consult the actual designs and materials to make it easier for you to decorate your home. If you are far away, we will ship your goods throughout Vietnam .

* All product lines of wallpaper, wall paintings, decal glass stickers we made with Japanese ink: BS4 & LUS175. Certified GREEN GUARD Gold. Ensuring safety and health for users, as well as for us who are direct producers.

Some pictures of construction wallpaper:

dan tran home
to compete for stairs
3d wallpaper
3d heart rate monitor
3d men's soccer competition
3d picture of sea view