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+ 5,000 patterns of glass stickers , Decal with diverse glass stickers to choose from. When your home has many places that use glass, glass doors, glass walls, etc., one of the useful decorations to make living space become more artistic than 3d glass stickers will make it for the wall. glasses of your home .



Glass stickers - decal glass stickers
Glass and glass doors are considered an indispensable material in the family. Glass is used for many purposes such as: dividing doors, windows, partitions between rooms to create the simple but elegant interior of the new age. However, this is also a disadvantage because usually the glass is often transparent, so it has almost no effect of blocking the view or can even cause an accident because the glass is so transparent that many people mistakenly believe that there is no. Shielding should be very dangerous if not paying close attention.
If you are exposed to the blazing sun of the scorching summer and the coldness of the winter, it affects your health and makes you feel uncomfortable without the focus of your work. Best. Dress your glass with a picture of glass stickers or decal stickers sunscreen has aesthetic and has the effect of obscuring, blocking light, anti-glare and partial insulation for your glass door.
Glass stickers and decal stickers are also used on other products such as wall stickers to decorate the rooms of your home. The use of this type of painting not only makes the decoration space more beautiful and impressive but also becomes extremely lively, authentic and sharp.

picture-dan-kinh-3d-ft047.jpg decal-sticker-3d-ft047

2-sided glass decal stickers are also used in the dining room or kitchen, in addition to decorative effects, it can protect glass to help prevent accidents caused by broken glass, replace tiles on the wall very conveniently, obscure the glass. In addition, it also helps reduce slippery and hygiene easily. Glass paintings, large glass decal stickers like a cape can be cleaned easily without peeling off.
There are two types you can choose for your home's glass panels. Type decal glass paste 1 side kim sa, and type decal glass paste 2 sides have a clear picture, details.

All product samples are made according to the size you require. Complete construction if you stay in saigon, ship goods throughout the provinces of Vietnam, as well as internationally. If you love the model, empty, contact us to make for you, according to the theme, the color you need.

Note: All this product line, we carry on Japanese BS4 and Lus175 ink. Health safety for users, just as we are the direct manufacturer of the product.

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